Training Program

The basis of our training program strengthens the coordination of leadership ,self-knowledge and inner intuition. Participants can learn through practical tasks and games how certain leadership competencies work in a work environment. We strive to develop and coordinate individual skills as well as a strong team connection to reach results even more efficiently.

The Dolphin Heart method is a training program that helps align leadership self-knowledge with inner intuition. Through group interactive exercises - music - we strengthen decision-making - practices that involve avoiding obstacles - and create a strong team harmony through communication. We considered the following points to be very important in our own companies (20 years of experience) which we are currently successfully using through our other company trainings and team building:

A. More confident decisions towards a common goal

B. Group Communication and Harmony

C. Avoiding obstacles in real life and within the company

D. Unique Self-Knowledge - Letting go of fears for people that create greater and more determined steps toward a common goal.

E. Faster response and change time to certain situations -Agility Management

F. Time management: To recognize and not get caught in an obstacle. How to divide our time in a team to use the maximum effective result.

The training program is 80% practice and 20% theory.

We will only pass on what we have algo practiced in our own business experiences.

In the last 15 years, we have participated in a number of training sessions for our own companies that we own and operate. The combination of the best techniques is what we would like to pass on .

We believe that the knowledge we experience is retained and built into our method used by hundreds of people , which is one of the cornerstones of our training program.