Recognize your strength, articulate your goal and set your focus!

At BM Recruitment we are offering career coaching for individuals who are on the search for their next milestone in their career or who want to consciously identify their career path.

The coaching service includes 2 session, each one is a 60-minute career conversation that helps you identify your resources and career opportunities in the labor market. During the session you will receive answers to the following questions:

• What is exactly that interests me in my field?

• Which jobs do reflect my interest?

• What experiences and assets make me qualify?

• What are my career expectations?

• What are my best strength and skills?

• How do I represent my skills?

• What improvements do I want to make in the future?

• How can I improve my search for my next job?

• Does my CV reflect my skills, experience and goals?

• How do I prepare for my next interview?

Reach out and start with your conscious career choices:

Eszter Boross, ACC - boross.eszter@bmr.hu